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Pet Snuffle Mat

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Make your dog's mealtime interesting and exciting with the Dog Snuffle Mat. The mat is specially designed with loads of different obstacles for your dog to sniff around and find their favorite treats. This is great for mental and sensory stimulation as a dog's most powerful sense is its smell! Engaging your dog in this natural scent-driven treasure hunt makes them healthier, and happier and enriches their day!

"My Dog Loves It!"

SLOWS EATING - Encourages slower eating, which aids digestion and prevents digestive problems such as bloating or vomiting from arising in the future.

TRAINING TOOL - The perfect training tool for correcting bad habits and rewarding good behavior.

SENSORY STIMULATION - Put your dog’s nose and brain to work by encouraging them to use their natural foraging instincts.

INTERACTIVE TOY - Distract and entertain your dog for hours at a time, providing a healthy outlet for their excess energy.

This snuffle mat will be loved by dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. We recommend you keep an eye on your dog whilst using the mat to ensure they don't chew or scratch it to bits.

EASY-TO-USE - Hide your pooch's favorite treats under the many different obstacles and let your pooch sniff them out. It's that simple!

DOG-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Made from colorful non-toxic linen, the mat is hand-washable and easy to clean (a warm damp cloth and air drying do the trick). The snuffle mat is easily rolled up ready for the next meal.


  • Material: Cloth
  • Product Category: Pet Nest
  • Weight: 360g
  • opp bag packaging
  • Actual size: 85*85cm

Product Packaging:

  • Sniff pad*1