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LH 15W Wireless Charger: MagSafe, Stand, Fast Charge Any Phone (Stylish)

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Unleash Wireless Power & Style: Magnetic Induction Charger with 15W Fast Charging

Meet the wireless charger that's as powerful as it is personal. The Magnetic Induction Charger fuels your tech life with 15W fast charging and transforms your desk into a canvas for expression. This sleek black beauty boasts a customizable matte white top, ready for you to personalize with stickers, paint, or simply enjoy its minimalist charm.

Charge Like a Pro:

  • Universal Powerhouse: Ditch the cable clutter! This charger works flawlessly with any Qi-enabled smartphone, from iPhones to Androids.
  • Magnetic Marvel: Snap your iPhone or MagSafe accessories securely to the built-in magnet and experience effortless charging.
  • Hands-Free Viewing: The convenient metallic ring doubles as a phone stand, perfect for watching videos or video calls.
  • Charge with Confidence: An LED indicator keeps you informed, while multi-voltage input ensures optimal power for different devices.
  • Wireless Freedom: Place your phone anywhere on the pad within 2-8mm and enjoy the magic of wireless charging.

Express yourself while powering up your tech with the Magnetic Induction Charger. This wireless charger delivers 15W fast charging and works with any Qi-enabled phone. Snag your iPhone with the built-in MagSafe magnet, prop your device up with the stand, and enjoy the convenience of wireless freedom.

Charge your way. Add the high-power Magnetic Induction Charger to your cart today!

    .: Includes USB type-C cable
    .: Charging distance: 2-8mm
    .: Type-C input: 12V/1.5A, 9V/2A, 5V/3A
    .: Wireless output: 15W, 7.5W, 5W


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