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Household Stainless Steel Spoon And Shovel Kitchenware Set

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Product information:

Material: Stainless steel
Color: golden

Style A: rice scoop
Style B: Spatula
Style C: Leaky Shovel
Style D: soup shell
Style E: Leaky shell
Style F: Noodles
Style G: Public spoon
Style H: Public drain

Size Information:

Rice spoon: long 23cm width: 7.2cm
Alefly: long: 33.5cm width: 7.7cm
Soup spoon: long 33cm width: 9cm
Spatula: long 36cm width: 11.5cm
Colander: long 36cm width: 11.5cm
Fried shovel: long 37.5cm width: 8cm
Public spoon: long 36cm width: 11.5cm
Public colander: long 36cm width: 11.5cm

Package Content: