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Cloud Cable Tamer: Stylish Box Protects Tech & Tidy Up Cables (Safe & Versatile)

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Unleash the power of organization with the Cloud Power Storage Box. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to a sleek, versatile solution that keeps your tech essentials safe, organized, and within reach. Transform your space and protect your loved ones, all while embracing modern style.

Tame the Cable Chaos: Cloud Power Storage Box - Stylish & Safe Cable Organizer!

Wrangle unruly cords and reclaim your space with the Cloud Power Storage Box - your one-stop solution for stylish and functional cable management. This innovative organizer goes beyond aesthetics, safeguarding your family and electronics while keeping your tech essentials neatly tucked away.


    • Cloud of Organization: The sleek cloud-shaped design houses all your cables and power strips, decluttering your desk, floor, or nightstand. No more tripping over cords or battling tangled messes.
    • Detachable & Versatile: The convenient lid doubles as a stand for tablets, phones, or laptops, transforming the box into a multi-functional workstation or entertainment hub.
    • Cool & Collected: Built-in ventilation slots prevent overheating, ensuring the safety of your electronics and creating a cooler, calmer environment.
    • Safety First: Protect your curious children and pets from exposed cables and power strips with the secure lid. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your little ones are safe from electrical hazards.
    • Premium Quality, Lasting Style: Crafted from high-grade, heat-resistant ABS plastic, this box is built to withstand everyday use and maintain its sleek look for years to come.

    Get organized and stay safe - Shop the Cloud Power Storage Box now!


    • Product Name: Cloud Power Storage Box
    • Size: 331*143*141mm
    • Color: blue and white/pink blue/white blue
    • Material: HIPS
    • Weight: about 607g
    • Packing: bubble bag + carton
    • Category: Desktop Storage Box
    • Specific material: HIPS
    • Product features: with cover
    • Function: Organize
    • Storage scene: living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, table
    • Scope of application: headphone cord/wire, power cord, socket
    • Style: simple and modern
    • Pattern: plain
    • Capacity: 2L
    • Specification: 331*143*141mm

    Package Content :

    • 1*power strip box
    • 1*package box


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