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Ambient Lightning Clouds - Music Sync, Millions of Colors for Home

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Unfurl a Cosmic Oasis: Ambient Lightning Clouds with Music Sync

Elevate your décor with the enchanting Ambient Lightning Clouds. Let soft, swirling colors dance to the rhythm, casting a serene glow over bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

Embark on a celestial journey with the Ambient Lightning Clouds!

This captivating lighting masterpiece brings the wonder of a starry night sky indoors, weaving a tapestry of millions of colors that dance and pulse to your music.



Features that Ignite Your Cosmos:

    • Music Sync Symphony: Watch the clouds come alive, their hues and rhythms morphing seamlessly to the music you love, creating a mesmerizing sensory experience.
    • A Million Cosmic Colors: Dive into a universe of endless color combinations, from soft moonlit whites to vibrant nebulas, all controllable through the included remote or app.
    • Simulating Serene Storms: Witness the gentle flicker of simulated lightning within the clouds, adding a touch of natural wonder to your starry oasis.
    • Adjustable Brilliance: Tailor the ambiance to your mood, from moonlit slumber to dazzling nebula parties, with effortless brightness control.
    • Smart & Easy: Command the cosmos with the intuitive remote or smartphone app, letting you create and customize lighting scenes with ease.
    • Effortless Installation: Hang your celestial haven in minutes, and let the gentle glow envelop your space.


    • Transform Any Room: Create a calming atmosphere in bedrooms, a vibrant mood in living rooms, or a playful ambiance for gatherings – the possibilities are endless.
    • Soothe and Inspire: Let the soft hues and gentle rhythms lull you into relaxation or spark your creativity with a dynamic light show.
    • Unleash Your Inner Stargazer: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the cosmos without leaving your home, bringing a touch of wonder to everyday moments.
    • Effortless Control & Convenience: Manage your celestial masterpiece with the intuitive remote or app, adjusting colors, brightness, and effects at your fingertips.

    Light up your world with celestial wonder. Order your Ambient Lightning Clouds today!


    Style: Modern and simple
    Type of pendant lamp: Fabric pendant lamp
    Intelligent type: Remote control operation
    Light source type: Led lamp
    Body material: Fabric
    Switch type: Remote control
    Adjustable height: 1000 (m)
    Overall dimension: 1000 (mm)
    Average service life: 5000 (h)

    Package list:ᅠ ᅠ

    Pendant lamp+remote control+usb data cable+manual