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Waterproof Wall Mounted Phone Case for Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom

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Experience the convenience of having your phone accessible at all times with the Waterproof Wall Mounted Phone Case. This versatile case is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and more. It features a sensitive touch screen so you can easily control your phone, even when your hands are wet. The waterproof seal protects your phone from splashes and spills, and the anti-fog window ensures that you can clearly see your screen, even in the steamy bathroom

Waterproof Wall Mounted Phone Case

Enjoy your favorite movie, TV shows, podcasts, and more while relaxing in the bathtub shower, or jacuzzi without holding your phone. The phone case allows you to watch a show while cooking or even learn a recipe!


Waterproof Protection & Anti-fog

Doesn’t matter if it’s a splash, a spill, or total immersion, the Waterproof Box has you covered with trusted seal protection. At the same time does not affect the sound. Even if the fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.

No-trace Hanging

Easy to stick, strong and stable, can be stuck anywhere with no trace. It can be installed on the mirror or on the bathroom tile.

  • Sensitive screen: with a 0.25mm flexible touch screen, sensitive to the touch when displayed in the bathroom, you can adjust the volume, change songs, play games, and scroll through the news.
  • Anti-fog high viewing angle window: Even if fog is generated during bathing, it will not affect the clarity of the mobile phone screen.
  • Waterproof function: the phone holder is sealed and waterproof.
  • Applicable mobile phones: Universal size, suitable for all mobile phones less than 6.8 inches.


  • Material: ABS + PET
  • size: 28x19x105mm / 1.1 * 0.75 * 4.13in
  • Applicable mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches Product
  • Weight: about 140g
  • Color: white / blue
  • Installation method: wall hanging and marking sticker without holes.
  • Application: travel, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room

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Packing list:

  • Waterproof bathroom phone case * 1
  • No marking sticker * 1

Order your Waterproof Wall Mounted Phone Case today and experience the convenience of having your phone accessible at all times!