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Washed Cotton Summer Cool Quilt

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Printing and dyeing process: paint printing and dyeing

Main ingredient content of fabric: 70%

Fabric sub-component: polyester fiber (polyester)

Sub-component content of fabric: 30%

Filler main component content: 100%

Filler sub-component: polyester fiber (polyester)

Filler sub-component content: 100%

Weaving process: washing, printing, plain weave, air jet

Fabric material: polyester cotton

Flower type: colorful paradise, animal paradise, ancient flowers, cute rabbit, simulated world, midsummer, fun Mickey, small broken flower-yellow, smiley, raging strawberry, bear paradise, bear's house, shy rabbit, leaf feathers, clouds

Dimensions: 150*200, 200*230, 180*200

Style: ins style

Filling: polyester fiber



Washed cotton summer quilt

Washed quilt cover + whole polyester quilt core


Skin-friendly washable cotton fabric

Washed cotton fabrics are more comfortable than pure cotton fabrics

Soft experience, the subtle folds of the old-fashioned feeling are formed through natural methods, which is lazy and casual.


Whole feather cotton filling

Lightweight and comfortable, no pressure on the body, not easy to deform, moisture-wicking and breathable


Exquisite lace design

Concise but not simple, details can highlight the workmanship

Intimate to understand you better