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Kitchen Refrigerator Deodorizer

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This Ozoniser adopts advanced high-voltage ionization technology to generate active oxygen (O3), which is capable of eliminating odors, keeping food fresh, and sterilizing: refrigerators, cabinets, cars, and wardrobes, among others.

Reliable, efficient, and 100% natural technology!


  • Generates ozone and anions to purify the air inside your refrigerator, car, closet, store clothes, etc.;
  • Neutralizes and eliminates unpleasant odors ;
  • Reduces food spoilage caused by bacteria and mold;
  • Extends the freshness and life of many foods;
  • No need for expensive filters to be replaced;
  • Low Battery Consumption: Continuously deodorize for about 3 months with only 3 AA batteries;
  • Intelligently control the cycle and operating mode with just one touch;
  • Compact and portable.

Ozone (O3) is a powerful bactericide, algaecide, fungicide, and virucide (destroys these micro-organisms up to 3,120 times faster than chlorine), in addition to being recognized as the safest and most effective purification method in the world.


  • Size: 7.2*6.8*12CM
  • Material: ABS